Finger Brake Gooseneck Dies That Fit The HF 12 Ton & The 20 Ton Finger Brakes Only

Finger Brake Gooseneck Dies That Fit The HF 12 Ton & The 20 Ton Finger Brakes Only

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Gooseneck Dies For 12 Ton & 20 Ton Brakes Only.

Are you looking to increase the bending capabilities of your SWAG finger press brake kit? 

The SWAG gooseneck dies are laser cut at 90° to allow for air bending. These punches are used for forming right angle bends, channels, or other special bends where our straight 90° punch would cause interference and limit your bending options.

If you have used your press brake for any "special" projects you have ran into the limitations of the straight segmented fingers.  These limitations become apparent when bending shallow pans or forming complex "U" bends.  For this reason, we have laser cut 24 individual pieces of 1/2" plate that can be stacked in line or welded together to suite your particular needs.  When fully assembled and stacked in line you will have a 12" long goose neck bending top die. 

The SWAG finger brake gooseneck dies are able to bend up to 1/4" thick material.

If you have the HD finger press brake kit you will be able to bend U shaped pieces that have maximum leg "A" that is 2.0" long and a minimum width "B" of 2.0" wide.

If you have the standared finger press brake kit your "A" measurement will be a maximum of 2.0" long and "B" width of 1.0" wide

Please note that these dies are tabbed together and will need to be cut apart by the end user prior to use, refer to picture #4 above.


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