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SWAG Machined Tubing Bender Air/Hydraulic Ram Mount

SWAG Machined Tubing Bender Air/Hydraulic Ram Mount

Part Number 6MTBRMA
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Air/Hydraulic Ram Mount
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Tube Bender Air/Hydraulic Ram Mount

Tired of cranking the handle on your tubing bender? Are you using a cheater bar slid over the factory handle to gain mechanical leverage, while trying to read the degree wheel that is ~ 8 feet away? This kit is designed out of pure necessity and built to be the best kit out on the market.

Designed to fit the JD-2 Model 3, JD-2 Model 32, Pro Tools 105 & 105HD, Woodward Fab WFB2, Eastwood 21115, and JMR manual tubing benders.

SWAG off road has honed it focus and tube bending expertise over the past few months and redesigned the air/hydraulic ram mount to include the following feature upgrades.

  • The ram attachment clamp is now holding the ram in line with the bending axis, this results in less wear and tear on the bending ram and increased bending capacity.
  • 100 pound elastic return spring and machined pressure release knob is now included with every kit.
  • Increased stroke length = increased bending degrees per cycle.
  • No welding required, 100% bolt on kit.
  • 100% designed, machined and manufactured with all US made components and materials.

Sleek aesthetic and clean lines is what separates this kit from everything else on the market, designed with a high level of attention to detail and superior fit and finish.

This kit allows you freedom to take your tube bender with you. Since the hydraulics are now pushing directly against the arms of the bender you are free un-bolt your bender from your concrete floor and mount it on wheels thus saving you valuable floor space.

Please note: If you have the JD-2 Model 3, Pro Tools 105 & 105HD, Woodward Fab WFB2 ,and JMR manual tubing benders, you will no longer be able to use the furthest outward pin hole location on your tube bender, a large radius 6.5" CLR 1.75" die and or any 2.00" die will not work with the machined ram mount.  If you are using the 5.5" CLR 1.75" round tube die you will not have any interference. The Swag infinite 8 tube bender mounting plate is not compatible with the machined air/hydro ram mount.

This kit includes a new mounting plate to mount your bender as the hydraulic cylinder interferes with the 2nd inward mounting hole.  This bracket is laser cut out of 3/8" steel plate and is compatible with every tube bender that fits our machined air/hydraulic ram mount kit, refer to the picture below of the steel mounting bracket.


Please note that this kit is 100% complete, however it does not come painted.  Tube bender as well as the 8 ton ram is not included. The 8 Ton Air/Hydraulic ram can be purchased in the link HERE.

Watch the video below to see the JMR tube bender bend a piece of 1.75" .120 wall DOM tubing sleeved with 1.25" .250" wall DOM tubing...a fair warning, this bending attachment will exceed the bending capacity of your bender, common sense is advised as you must stay with in the bending capacities of your machine.


Customer Reviews View All Reviews
Rating Awesome!
First things first, the product is absolutely awesome. It's built extremely well, good looking, and well put together. The thing works like a champ. Aside from it being extremely functional and well-built, the customer service is awesome. I had a few moments of temporary moron-ism, and every time I called, he would take his time and answer my questions. If you did not answer the phone, he would call me back promptly. Although this is my first purchase from swag, I would not hesitate buying absolutely anything from them, based off my experience. Good customer service, with awesome quality, is rare these days. Strong work swag I highly
  Reviewed by:   from Peoria . on 7/24/2017
Rating Ram Mount
This is a work of art. Very well made and easy to assemble. I highly recommend it!
  Reviewed by:   from Wyoming. on 7/3/2017
Rating One quality piece of equipment
I purched this mounting kits for my JD2-32 bender. I was afraid that it would not meet up to the heavy duty manufacturing that the model 32 has. Boy was I wrong. This thing is perfectly machined. Very heavy duty. Since I was assembling my bender and this at the same time it took me a while to figure out. Getting the mounting bracket, Bungee return and turn knob is a very nice touch. My only complaint and this is not a complaint against the unit is that the bungee is TO strong. When I am finished bending something and release the air from the hydraulic RAM there is to much force being applied to the pins to pull them out. If I do get them to come out I can never realign the holes to get the pins back in. I would definitely get this again and recommend it to anyone.
  Reviewed by:   from Pittsburgh. on 5/8/2017
Rating 4 wheeler who builds his own junk
GREAT PRODUCT! Exactly as described, easy to assemble and works great. Built shock hoops and front bumper and it definitely makes life alot easier. Built a stand with casters, now when not in use it can go in the corner instead of in the middle of my shop, huge space saver. Would highly recommend this kit. Electric/hydraulic jd2 model 32 is upwards of $1850! Model 32 with ram and this kit was less then $650 it's a no-brainer!
  Reviewed by:   from averill park, NY. on 4/5/2017
Rating Machined hydraulic tubing bender conversion
Very high quality item. Easy to assemble. Looks awesome you can tell it is American made. I haven't had a chance to use it much but it has worked great so far.
  Reviewed by:   from WI. on 3/12/2017
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