SWAG Tubing Roller "HULK"

SWAG Tubing Roller "HULK"

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SWAG Tubing Roller "HULK"

The HULK is 100% designed, machined, formed, manufactured & assembled in the USA.

We currently offer 64 different sizes of dies in the following configurations round tube, round pipe, square, as well as a full line of unique dies for doing flat bar in edge or square in a diamond profile.  In addition we also offer a full line of Delrin dies in round tube, round pipe and square sizes.  Delrin dies are well suited for aluminum, copper, brass, and chrome finished where abrasion or scratches on the material are not acceptable.

We use heat treated cromoly 4340 material for both the two outer non drive roller pins and the center drive axle.  The center drive dies are fully keyed to the drive axle which ensures a smooth operation.  The HULK is capable of rolling material up to 2” X 2” .1875” wall square material.

As with all tubing rollers there are two issues that always arise, how do you keep your material from twisting and how do you make repeatable parts in the tubing roller?  We have addresses the first issue of keeping your material from twisting while rolling it by implementing several key design features and placing special attention to these problem areas.  The first is side to side slop in the two outer non drive rollers.  The length of the cromoly 4340 axle pins are machined down to +/-.003 thousands and the two adjustable shaft collars help keep the dies perfectly centered between the ¼” thick steel frame rails.

The second is slop in the center drive roller yoke.  There are several large radius roller out in the market that use a cast steel center yoke or a formed piece of steel to hold the center drive roller in place, however neither cast nor formed metal on a press brake are perfectly square and straight.  When the center yoke is not straight up and down or square side to side this causes the center drive die to contact the material you are rolling with uneven pressures and inconstant feed rates thus pulling your material to one side.  We have address this by bolting together 3 pieces of ¾” thick steel that has been fully machined on all six sides to ensure a perfectly flat and square center yoke that is bolted together with (6) 5/16” counter sunk fasteners. 

The bottom surface on the 2 ton bottle jack has been machined completely flat and is physically bolted down to the center yoke assembly.  This guarantees that the jack is placing even downward pressure and will not slip out of position when not is use.

The third often over looked part of a tubing roller is repeatable rolling.  We have addressed this by using the quality brand I Gaging. A digital read out height guage that measures downward travel.  To use, you simple place your material in the roller then “zero” the height guage, roll one piece of material to desired radius then record the location of the outer dies as well as the downward travel displayed on the digital read out.  From now on as long as you have the same material and the dies in the same position with the same distance measured, you are able to get the same results time and time again.

To ensure a smooth range of motion there are roller bearings installed on both the outer non drive dies as well as the center drive die.  The matte finish 3 way adjustable revolving handle can be unbolted and replaced with an electric pipe threaded that is sold through Harbor Freight. Their item #62203 is an easy simple add on that will take the cumbersome and tedious chore of rolling thick walled tubing and turn it into an almost completely hands off operation. 

With its textured then black powered coated steel frame, internally threaded aluminum spacers, green powder coated handle and countersunk stainless steel fasteners, this tubing roller is designed to look as well as it performs.  The HULK is sold as shown above, with the exception of the sheet metal base structure.  It comes completely assembled ready use right out of the box.

The HULK sells for $799.95 and includes one die size of your choice. Additional dies can be purchased HERE. Each die size includes one drive roller and two non drive rollers. You will not need a replacement drive axle since one comes with the tubing roller by default. We have over 500 die sets on the shelf and 99.9% of the time we have every dies size in stock ready to ship out the same day.


Optional Accessory

SWAG Machined Drive Hub For The Electric Pipe Threader

If your looking to speed up the assembly process and don't want to weld the 1/2" pipe threading die that comes with the Harbor Freight pipe threader kit to the tube roller drive axle, we now sell a fully machined drive hub that will allow you to easily attach the pipe threader to the drive axle. The 1/2" pipe threading die is not sold individually through Harbor Freight so once it is welded in place you are not able to take it off if/when you need to use the tool as it was originally intended for. We also sell the tubing roller drive axle that is machined out of 4130 cromoly steel.

The machined drive hub will need to be tack welded to the drive axle, as set screws and or key ways have a tendency to come loose under the high torque loads and the constant back and forth motion of the pipe threader.  This machined hub will fit both the HULK tube roller as well as the Harbor Freight tube roller.


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