SWAG Weld On Wings For Harbor Freight Tubing Roller

SWAG Weld On Wings For Harbor Freight Tubing Roller

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SWAG Off Road's Weld On Wings For Harbor Freight Tubing Roller

The Harbor Freight Tubing roller is in a league of its own based on one simple principle.....price. For ~ $180 you can purchase the HF tubing roller which includes the machine and three roller die sets, 1.0" 1.5" and 2.0" round tube dies. However at such a low price point there is definitely room from improvement. The Weld on Wings are the biggest single improvement you can make to the HF tubing roller.

The Weld on Wings reduce the total effort required to rolling tube an honest ~50%. This is because they extend the total width of the bottom rollers 6" for the first hole and 12" for the second hole. The further out the outer two rollers are the easier it is for you to roll your material.

The Harbor Freight tube roller is not included with this kit.

If you have used this tubing roller previously then you know how difficult it can be when rolling tubing that is 1.5" in dia or larger or anything with a wall section of 1/8" or greater. With the addition of the Weld on Wings the tubing roller went from a machine that we would use only if we had too, to a machine that we wanted to use it because it opened up fabrication possibilities and the artistic design of our parts.

To make assembly easy, the wings are welded on to the existing side plates with out having to disassemble the tubing roller. The 4 Weld On Wing extensions are laser cut from 3/16" steel, and the 4 spacer plates are laser cut from 1/4" steel.


For an in depth detailed review along with great useful tips and tricks to mastering the HF tubing roller click this link here.

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