"Tradesman" SWAG V4.0  Portaband Table

"Tradesman" SWAG V4.0 Portaband Table

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"Tradesman" SWAG V4.0 Portaband Table
Please verify that your model of saw is listed below as a supported model of the SWAG V4.0 table.
  • Milwaukee 6232-20, 6232-21,6232-80, 6232-81, 6238-20, 6238-21 & BS125

  • Milwaukee Fuel M18 2729-20, 2729-21, 2729-22 & CBS125

Here at SWAG our Portaband tables are built for individuals looking for quality, 100% American made tools at an affordable price.  The Tradesman table is designed for the working professional who is working remotely on the job site or out of the back of their vehicle.  This table is designed to be mounted in any 2" receiver, clamped to a tri-stand "tripod", table mounted vice, or any pipe chain vice.

Our V4.0 tradesman table is cut on a CNC laser out of 1/4" thick steel plate and weighs in at ~ 20 pounds for ultimate durability and includes a semi gloss black powder coated finish to stand up to the elements.   The receiver tube is constructed out of 1/4" steel with two 5/8" dia through holes. These holes allow you to position the table away from the rear bumper while allowing you to remove your saw with out having to remove the table from it's mounting position.  The receiver tube can be removed with simple hand tools if needed.

A rubber grommet is included with the kit, that is inserted in the back side of the table. This grommet provides you a convenient mounting location for the included 5/32" allen wrench that secures your saw to the table.

To convert your saw into a vertical band saw installation could not be any easier, slide the adjustable foot guard to the furthest forward position then insert the saw into the stand and tighten the provided red thumb knob. You now have a saw that performs two functions, a portable band saw and a vertical band saw that easily switches between the two functions.

The table dimensions are 12" deep x 13.5" wide and contains all the necessary hardware to attach the Milwaukee deep throat Portaband saw on the SWAG V4.0 Tradesman Portaband table.

Optional Accessories

120V Foot Switch

Imagine how easy your job is going to be using the foot pedal to start and stop your SWAG Portaband table. Plug your Portaband power cord into the outlet on the foot pedal.  Plug the foot pedal cord into a 110 volt outlet.  Press the pedal to start the saw, then remove your foot to turn the saw off.

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