HULK Spare Non-Drive Die Axle Kit

HULK Spare Non-Drive Die Axle Kit

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SWAG Off Road Non-Drive Die Axle Kit Compatible With HULK Tubing Roller

If you're planning on changing dies frequently, having a few Non-Drive Die Axle kits will definitely come in handy. Though the Hulk comes with one set, some people prefer to have a kit for each die size that they own. That way, there is no more messing with die centering or re-tightening shaft collar set screws. You can get your dies set perfectly on their axles and then all you have to do to change dies is pull the old ones out and drop the new ones into place. Each kit comes with two non-drive die axles, four bearings, four shaft collars, and all of the appropriate hardware.

NOTE: This kit is for the SWAG Off Road HULK Tubing Roller ONLY. These axle kits are NOT compatible with the Harbor Freight Tubing Roller

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