Dimple Dies

What are Dimple Died holes?

Dimple Died holes are a type of hole pattern commonly used in steel panels. These holes are created using a specialized tool called a Dimple Die. The Dimple Die is a cylindrical tool with a conical tip that is used to punch holes into the steel panel. The resulting holes have a raised rim around the edge, giving them a distinctive appearance.

How are Dimple Died holes created?

To create Dimple Died holes, the steel panel is first placed on a sturdy surface. The Dimple Die is then positioned on the desired location on the panel. A hydraulic press or a hammer is used to apply force to the Dimple Die, which punches a hole into the panel. The process is repeated for each hole, creating a pattern of Dimple Died holes on the panel.

What are the benefits of Dimple Died holes?

Dimple Died holes offer several benefits for steel panels:

1. Enhanced strength: The raised rim around the edge of the hole increases the structural integrity of the panel. This makes the panel more resistant to bending and deformation.

2. Improved aesthetics: The unique appearance of Dimple Died holes adds a visually appealing element to the steel panel. This can be particularly beneficial for applications where aesthetics are important, such as architectural or decorative panels.

3. Increased airflow: The pattern of Dimple Died holes allows for improved airflow through the panel. This can be advantageous in applications where ventilation or cooling is required, such as in automotive or industrial equipment.

4. Weight reduction: Dimple Died holes can be strategically placed to remove excess material from the panel without compromising its strength. This helps to reduce the overall weight of the panel, making it lighter and more cost-effective to transport.


Dimple Died holes are a versatile and beneficial feature for steel panels. They provide enhanced strength, improved aesthetics, increased airflow, and weight reduction. Whether you're looking for a panel with structural integrity, a visually appealing design, or improved ventilation, Dimple Died holes can be a valuable addition to your steel panel.