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About Swag

Swag Off Road……..
What is Swag?

It's an abbreviation for Scientific Wild Ass Guess, however the products sold at Swag are anything but a wild ass guess.

100% Made in the USA

I graduated from College at OIT with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have always had a life long obsession for making sparks in the garage, designing, creating and coming up with a bigger and better mouse trap. Having worked for a couple of industry leading off road companies I realized they all share a common goal, building great products with even better customer service.

We continually strive to be on the front lines of ground breaking modifications for the Jeep and off-road industry while focusing on the unique and innovative fabrication tools that make your shop and off road vehicle run smoother.

We specialize in off road products as well as unique and innovative fabrication tools,where our motto is