What's with the name?

Over the years we have learned that the word "SWAG" has a completely different connotation for the younger generations. Those of us that graduated high school prior to 9/11 associate the word 'SWAG' with one thing, the portmanteau of 'Scientific Wild Ass Guess.' SWAG (or Scientific Wild Ass Guess) was a term that originated in the army during the Vietnam war. In the heat of battle, the military didn't always have all the fact, they didn't know how many enemies they were up against, or what tactics they might employ. Military intelligence would utilize prior experience and estimates to create a SWAG of how to proceed. The term was even used on the witness stand during a high profile trial that followed the war.

When we first started developing our product line, a lot of the ideas came down to, 'This Harbor Freight tool is barely functional. I bet if I added X,Y, and Z it would be a lot more effective.' Essentially, we had to make a SWAG on the best way to create our products because no one else was doing anything similar at the time.

If you'd like to read more on the origin of 'SWAG,' I have linked the Wikipedia page below.

Are your products made in the USA

YES! And we are incredibly proud of that fact! 100% of our formed and machined components are made right here in Oregon with the exception of a few smaller parts that are made by a shop in Idaho. We do not manufacture our hardware in house but we do source it from an American company. Like you, we strongly believe in keeping American manufacturing alive.

Are your products made in the USA

Yes! And we are very proud of that fact! 100% of our formed and machined component are made right here in Oregon with the exception of a few smaller parts that are made by a shop in Idaho. We do not make our hardware in house, but we do source all of our hardware from American companies. Like you, we strongly believe in keeping American manufacturing alive.

How will my order ship

We ship via USPS, Fedex, and UPS. Most of the time, items labelled with “Free Shipping” will be sent USPS Priority which is technically 3 day shipping for continental domestic orders. If you need your items sooner, we do offer expedited shipping on phone orders

To inquire about the cost of expedited shipping, give us a call at 541-915-2775 or send an email to, please include your shipping address and the items you wish to purchase. Please note that our cut off for same day expedited orders is 12:00pm PST. If you are getting close to that cut off time, please give us a call.

Most international orders ship via USPS International Priority. Shipping times vary significantly depending on the destination country. For quicker shipping options, please email us at

How much does it cost to ship domestic?

Most of our product’s ship for free domestically (including Puerto Rico and Guam!) That being said, we do charge shipping on some of our larger items. To check shipping costs, add your items to the cart, go to your cart by clicking on the link in the top right hand corner of our website. There is a shipping calculator in the cart that will give you an accurate price.

Do you ship international? How much does it cost to ship internationally?

We regularly ship all around the globe! Most of the time, the shipping calculator in your cart will be able to give you an accurate shipping price. Every now and then, it won’t recognize an address and the calculator will not provide an estimate. If you experience this, please send us an email at Include your shipping address and the items you wish to purchase, we will be happy to provide you with an accurate shipping price. Please note that your countries import duties and taxes are not calculated in this estimate. You will be responsible for covering them when your order is being processed through customs.

How can I tell if your products are in stock?

Though we do have an inventory system that is generally pretty accurate, there can be errors in the count from time to time. If you want to ensure something is in stock, give us a call at 541-915-2775 and we would be happy to confirm our inventory for you.

What if my package gets lost?

It is very rare for packages to get lost, but it does happen from time to time. In the event your package doesn’t make it to you after 15 days, please give us a call or send us an email stating your package has not yet been delivered. We will get in contact with the courier and do our best to sort out the delay. If your package still hasn’t arrived after 30 days from the date of shipment and there hasn’t been an update to tracking for at least 15 days, we will send out a replacement. International customers, please note that most deliveries occur in 1-2 weeks but they can take 3 months or more from time to time. It all depends on how busy the port is and if anyone wants to deal with inspecting such a heavy box. If your package has not been delivered 3 months after the date it was shipped, we will send out a complete replacement.

Will I receive tracking information?

Yes! All orders ship with tracking information. If you don’t receive an email with your tracking number, please check your spam folder. Our emails tend to get stuck there from time to time. If you can not find our emails there, please contact us at and we will be happy to forward it to you manually.

Where are SWAG’s products manufactured?

98% of our products are made right here at home in Oregon. We pride ourselves in being an American company, making American tools and vow to carry on the tradition of the words “Made in America” being a guarantee of quality.

I need a replacement part/hardware kit/insert plate.

We are happy to help get you up and running if your tool has become damaged or you’re just missing a bolt. Please give us a call at 541-915-2775 or send an email to

I can’t get my Milwaukee saw to square up to the tabletop.

A very limited number of Milwaukee band saws have a variation in their casting that makes them impossible to square with the table using the standard mounting method. This issue only effects the current production Milwaukee saws and is quite rare. You’ll notice an extra threaded hole at the back of the table. Insert an additional 5/16”-18 set screw into this back hole. You will need to adjust both set screws up and down until you find the sweet spot resulting in the blade being perpendicular to the table surface and the saw mounted solidly. Fortunately, these set screws are set and forget, once you have them in place you shouldn’t need to adjust them again. If you need a 5/16”-18 set screw, give us a call at 541-915-2775 or send an email to

Will my new saw work with my old Portaband Table?

All of our tables are compatible with a variety of saws. Please give us a call at 541-915-2775 or send an email to and we will be happy to let you know if your current table is compatible with your new saw. If it is, we can email over mounting instructions.

My saw blade is twisted/not parallel to the Miter Gauge Rails?

Unfortunately, portable band saws were never intended to be mounted vertically. That being said, we have a solution for this issue. Directly above and below the cutting area, the saw blade runs through a pair of "bearing blocks." You can loosen the fasteners holding these blocks and then shim them to counteract the twist. If you do not have any shim stock on hand, doubled over Aluminum foil will work great. If you would like a video demonstrating this process, please send an email to

Can I use my brake to bend round stock?

We highly recommend against bending any solid round material with your brake. It is very likely to damage the top and bottom dies. If you absolutely must, we recommend purchasing a spare die off our website and putting a segment of angle iron into the bottom die to protect you brake. No matter what you are bending, always be sure to center it directly under the bottle jack. Offsetting your material to one side can result in total failure of the entire brake, not just the top die.

How can I over bend material past 90° with my press brake?

Press brakes bend material using three different methods - Air Bending, coining, and bottom bending. Our brake kits are designed to be bottom bending (or bottoming) brakes. With a bottoming brake, the bottom V die is set to 90° whereas the top die is more acute (in our case, 60°
inclusive.) As you begin to apply pressure onto the work piece it will be pressed into the bottom die, eventually touching both sides of the V evenly. At this point your work piece is at 90°, if you let pressure off now the material will spring back to about 88.5°. From this point, if you continue to add pressure, the material will actually begin to lift off the sides of the bottom V and start to conform to the angle of the top die. This allows you to over-bend to compensate for spring back or go past 90° entirely if desired. Since out top dies are machined to a 60° inclusive angle, with enough force you could technically achieve a 120° bend (minus a degree or two from the spring back.) That being said, our tooling is not hard enough to handle that
amount of force as it is well in excess of 20 tons which is why we limit over bends to 110°.

How do I get a tighter bend radius?

Our Flat Top Adjustable Bottom V die will give you the tightest bend radius possible with thin sheet metal. If you would like a tighter bend radius in thicker material, you can stack smaller angle iron into your bottom die. Each piece you stack should have ½” shorter leg than the last and each piece should be ¼” thick. For example, the 20 Ton Heavy Duty Brakes use 3” leg angle as the factory bottom die, you’ll stack a piece of 2.5” leg then 2” leg, the 1.5” leg and so one, each 1/4" thick. Please note that you may need to grind the point of each angle flat to get the pieces to nest properly. It is also important to note, the narrower the opening of your bottom die, the less capability your brake will have. You won't be able to bend 3" of 5/8" plate if your bottom die is restricted down to 1.5: wide.

Can I use a 20-ton brake in a 50-ton press?

Yes! Most 50-ton presses are wide enough to accept the 20-ton brakes and they can certainly handle the tonnage. The only thing to consider is the shaft collar we include with our 20 ton brake kits. The ID of our shaft collars is 1-11/16" (designed to work well with the Harbor Freight 20 Ton Press.)

If your press has an arbor that is larger than 1-11/16" OD, you will need to source a large shaft collar. Fortunately, they can be found in just about any size for $10-$20 on Amazon and Zoro.

Will your new dies work with my old hulk?

Yes! Our dies have gone through a few iterations, but the essential dimensions have stayed the same. Depending on how old your Hulk is, you may need a new drive axle. If your drive axle does not have a keyway in it, give us a call at 541-915-2775 and we will get you set up with a new Hulk Axle.

Do you make custom roller dies or do any custom machining?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any custom machining or custom dies. We do offer our “Flat Plate Smooth” dies which are essentially die blanks. If you need a specialty die set that we do not have on our list, your best bet is to get a set of Flat dies and have them machined by a third party to fit your needs.

What’s the difference between pipe and tube?

Tubing is typically used in structural applications, so the outside diameter is the important dimension. Pipe on the other hand is normally used to transport gasses or liquids making it more important to know the internal capacity than the external diameter. For this reason, pipe is measured by the inside diameter. As a result, Pipe always has a larger OD than it’s stated size. For example, 1.5” pipe has a true outside diameter of 1.90” whereas 1.5” tube has a true outside diameter of 1.5”. The chart linked below shows the true outside diameter for nominal schedule 40 pipe. Make sure you select the dies that most closely fit your materials outside diameter to prevent deformation as it is rolled.

Pipe Size Diagram

What is the max capacity of your roller?

Long story short, it depends. Largely on your material but also how you have your machine configured. As a general rule of thumb, for square tubing, we rate our machine for up to 2” x 2” x 0.120” wall. For large square tubing like 2" x 2", you can roll to about an 8’ diameter hoop. Round material and flat material are generally much easier to roll. As a result, most other materials can be rolled to a 2' diameter hoop.


What material are your dies made from?

Our steel roller dies are machined from 1018 mild steel. Steel is the natural choice for dies that must withstand such large forces inherent to rolling tube.

Most of our roller dies are also available in Delrin. Delrin is a super hard thermoplastic that has incredibly good wear resistance and can handle the large forces of a tubing roller. It is also extremely chemically stable, so you can grease the dies without worrying about damaging them. Though Delrin dies are not as durable as steel, they still offer a long lifespan if used appropriately.

Our Hand Cap Rail dies and 2" Square dies can also be purchased in 4130 Chromoly. This is specifically for the people using their roller in a production setting and those trying to achieve a extremely tight radius. Since they will be pushing their roller to its limits/using the dies day in, day out for months at a time, 4130 is a superior material as they will wear significantly slower due to Chromoly's incredible hardness.

Our Dimple Dies are machined from quenched and tempered 4140 chromoly steel

Our Knockout Punches are machined from quenched and tempered 4130 Chromoly steel which is then heat treated (resulting in the blue/brown coloration.)

Our Press and Finger Brake dies are 1018 Mild steel.

Should I get steel or Delrin roller dies?

It really depends on your application. If you are rolling standard steel tube or unfinished aluminum, steel dies are the way to go. Though they can cause minor surface imperfections, they are much more durable and will last significantly longer. If you are rolling stainless steel, anodized aluminum, brass or some other material where surface finish is of the upmost importance, Delrin is the way to go. Though it is not as durable, you will get a near flawless surface finish every time. Greasing your dies (both steel and delrin) will ensure a superior surface finish and significantly extend the life of your die set. If you have delrin dies, no need to be hesitant about greasing your dies. Delrin is extremely chemically stable and no greases will hurt it.

Do you make dies for angle iron?

Unfortunately, we no longer make an angle iron die. Angle iron is very strong on one side and weak on the other. As a result, when rolled, the material tends to badly corkscrew out of the machine. Of every die we’ve ever created, the angle dies caused us and our customers the most issues. We pulled them from the shelves and cut the remaining stock into square dies.

Does the Hulk come assembled?

The HULK Tubing Roller comes 90% assembled. Upon receiving the machine, all you will need to do is install the axles into your dies, insert the dies into the machine, and install your digital readout. From the time you get it out of the box to the time you start rolling will be less than 30 minutes. We do strongly recommend you review the entire instruction manual. There are some important notes and tips spread throughout.

My tubing is corkscrewing out of my roller?

Tubing twisting out of your roller is almost always due to a misalignment between the dies. Even a minor deviation will cause significant corkscrewing in a long enough piece of tubing. One of the big benefits of the HULK over the Harbor Freight roller is that the HULK utilizes shaft collars to lock the non-drive dies into place and are therefore much easier to realign. Once you get them your dies aligned and locked into place, they will stay centered. If you are having trouble removing the twist, please give us a call at 541-915-2775 and we will go over the troubleshooting process with you.

Do you offer a Military/first responder discount?

We appreciate you supporting us and our products. We try to offer our customers the best value on our products year-round, that way every customer knows they are getting the best deal possible. That being said, we do not offer any discounts or coupon codes. What we do offer is great customer service and an outstanding product - designed and manufactured in the USA.

I have an unmarked Manual tubing bender, will your ram mounts work?

There is a good chance that one of our ram mounts will fit your mystery bender. Please give us a call at 541-915-2775 or send an email to We will need a few measurements from you in order to determine which one of our kits will fit the best.

Can I come by and pick up my order if I live near by or am passing through?

Definitely! We ask that you call the day before you swing by so that we can get your order together and boxed up. 98% of the time, all of our products are in stock but if you plan on driving a considerable distance to get here, we recommend calling or emailing a week in advance to make sure we have everything you’re looking for. Our normal hours are 7am-3:30pm Pacific time Monday-Friday.

Can I add to or change my order?

We would be happy to modify your order as long as it hasn’t shipped out. Give us a call at 541-915-2775 to let us know what you need changed.

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