Arbor Press Plates 12.0" X 12.0"
Part Number: AP12

Arbor Press Plates 12.0" X 12.0"

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Perfect for your 30" Brake

Customer Reviews

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Ed Nowlan
Very heavy.

I purchased a second hand OTC press and it had no plates at all. Swag pretty much has this market cornered. Although expensive I feel like these plates will do whatever I want to do with my 25 ton press. Future plans of using a press brake.

Nicholas Holtger
Arbor plates 12"

I waited about a year to buy these bc I thought they were too expensive but after breaking my other blocking I bought them, they look really stout, I don't think my 50 ton press will ever hurt them. Happy to have em


Super heavy duty. A complaint though: the different shape cutouts on the edges could be done better as they are not symmetrical or very cleanly cut. It is mostly a cosmetic issue but with the price these should be near perfect.


Very glad to hear that you are happy with your Arbor Plates!
Our Arbor Plates are flame cut so the kerf will never be perfectly symmetrical. That being said, the dimensional variation between any two plates is small enough that they need to be measured with calipers in order to discover. Unfortunately, the only way to manufacture 100% 'perfect' plates would be if they were 100% machined. To be honest, we have explored going that route (mostly because they would look pretty cool.) Sadly, fully machining a set of arbor plates would increase their cost by ~50%.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Thank you,
SWAG Off Road

Andy S
The last arbor plates you will buy

These arbor plates are massive! They fit perfect in my 50T press and the quality is above anything else I have used.