SWAG "Choke Out" Trigger Control Kit
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SWAG "Choke Out" Trigger Control Kit

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Band Saw Accessories

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Table isn't square to blade. Still very nice though.


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SWAG Off Road

Terry Hinderman
Great Value

This product represents a truly great value. For a measly $30 you get all the parts and the chance to adapt it to your saw. Love it.


Works great!!!!

Tom M., CO
Portaband Base for Milwaukee Deep Throat

This product totally lives up to SWAG's, "No junk" guarantee. What a great accessory! There are a few areas where I added the touch of attention to detail that cannot be economically done in production. I'm a fanatical 30 year toolmaker and have no intention of removing the saw from the base. So, my following points of view may be slanted. The first thing I did was draw file the table flat, edge to edge, corner to corner. No normal person would do that. Next, I extended the shaft of the locking knob about 3 1/2" so my arthritic fingers could grasp it more easily. Then, I deburred the Choke Out gripper fingers and added a couple steel washers top and bottom along with a tiny smear of Ivory Bar Soap on all contact surfaces. Works great. Next, I filed a 5/16-18 socket set screw to a custom length (about 7/16's) and added that to the threaded hole near back edge of table to prevent saw motor from rocking and, of which, there is no mention in the instructions. Last, this is a hellova product. Buy one. You'll love it. Take your time during assembly and setup and it will be awesome. PS: using free boxes from the Post Office as packaging is a stroke of genius.

Barry Hartzel
A bit funky but functional

Not sure how you could make it better. Clever design.