SWAG V3.0 Portaband Table

SWAG V3.0 Portaband Table

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Textured Black Powder Coated Table & Zinc Plated Legs (Expected to Ship 1/20) [+$20.00]
Ridgid #R8604 And Ryobi #P590 18-Volt Compact
Only Select This Option If You Own The Ridgid or Ryobi Battery Powered Compact Portaband Models Listed Directly Above
Milwaukee Corded Compact Model #6242-6, 6242-8 / Milwaukee Battery Powered Compact Model #2629-22 M18, 2629-20 M18
Only Select This Option If You Own The Milwaukee Compact Models Listed Directly Above
Milwaukee Non Deep Cut Model #6223, 6224, 6225, 6226, 6227, 6234
Only Select This Option If You Own The Milwaukee non deep cut Portaband Models Listed Directly Above
Dewalt Battery Powered Compact Model #DCS370B, DCS370K, DCS371B, DCS371P1, DCS371K
Only Select This Option If You Own The Dewalt Battery Powered Compact Portaband Models Listed Directly Above [+$4.00]
Porter Cable #724, 725, 726, Greenlee #530
Only Select This Option If You Own The Porter Cable, or Greenlee Portaband Models Listed Directly Above [+$4.00]
SWAG V3.0 Portaband Table

Please verify that your model of saw is listed below as a supported model of the SWAG V3.0 table.

° Milwaukee Deep cut model #'s 6230, 6230N, 6232 (NOT COMPATIBLE WITH 6232-20 PLEASE SEE V4.0,) 6232-6, 6232-5, 6232-51, 6232-55, 6232-6, 6232-6N, 6232-8N, 6236, 6238, 6238-8, 6238N, 0729-20, 0729-21, M28, V28

° Milwaukee Non deep cut model #'s 6223, 6224, 6225, 6226, 6227, 6234 "Click The Check Box Listed Above"

° Milwaukee Corded & battery powered compact model #'s 6242-6, 6242-8, 2629-22 M18, 2629-20 M18 "Click The Check Box Listed Above"

° Dewalt Deep cut model #'s DWM120 DWM120K, D28770, D28770K, DCS374, DCS374B, DCS374P2, DCS376P2

° Dewalt Compact model #'s DCS370B, DCS370K, DCS371B, DCS371P1, DCS371K, "Click The Check Box Listed Above"

° Harbor Freight Bauer Deep cut Item #'s 63763, 63444, 64194, 62800, 1678E-B

°Ridgid 18-Volt Compact Item # R8604 "Click The Check Box Listed Above"

°Ryobi 18-Volt Compact Item # P590 "Click The Check Box Listed Above"

° King Canada "Industrial" # KC-8377

° Makita Deep cut model #'s 2107F, 2107FK, 2107FZ, XBP02Z, XBP02TX, BPB180Z-18VOLT

° Bosch # GCB10-5, The foot switch will not work with the electronic trigger switch on this saw

° Porter Cable Model #'s 724, 725, 726 "Click The Check Box Listed Above" WILL NOT FIT ROCKWELL PORTER CABLE

° Greenlee # 530 "Click The Check Box Listed Above"

° Home Depot WEN Brand # 94396

° Northern Tool / Iron Ton# 73134

° Grizzly Tools Deep cut model # G8692

° If you own the Dewalt DW328 saws please click HERE for our V2.0 Portaband tables.

° If you own the Porter Cable # 7721, 7723 & 7724 saws please click HERE for our V2.0 Portaband tables.

° If you own the new Milwaukee # 6232-20, 6232-21, 6238-20 & 6238-21 saws please click HERE for our V4.0 Portaband tables.

Here at SWAG our Portaband tables are built for individuals looking for quality, 100% American made tools at an affordable price. Designed for those working with limited space and or those looking to maximize the full potential of their hand held band saws.

Product evolution and expansion has led us to SWAG Portaband table V3.0 which features built in dual miter gauge slides, bolt on 1/8" thick steel legs to greatly reduce shipping cost, a removable steel center section and an improved blade slot with narrower window to reduce potential blade binding.

To convert your saw into a vertical band saw installation could not be any easier, remove the factory foot guards two or three screws depending upon model and reinstall the removable center section with the provided fasteners. With the SWAG V3.0 there is a thumb knob included in the kit. Insert the saw into the stand and install the thumb knob into the threaded hole in the removable center section. You now have a saw that performs two functions, a portable band saw and a vertical band saw that does not require any tools to switch between the two functions.

Our V3.0 table is cut on a CNC laser out of 3/16" thick steel plate, formed on a CNC press brake and weighs in at ~ 18 pounds for ultimate durability. The Table dimensions are 9.75 tall, 11" deep & 13.5" wide. With the saw installed the overall dimensions are ~22" tall, 18" deep & 13.5" wide.

Please note, the cordless M28 or V28 Milwaukee saws will require a 1/2" spacer under the table lets to allow for clearance for the battery pack "not included."

This kit contains all the necessary hardware to attach your saw to the SWAG Portaband table.

NOTE: Specialty insert plates are not powder coated. Only the standard insert plate includes powder coating.
The WEN Bandsaw and the DeWalt DCS374 / DCS376 may require slight modification to fit our V3.0 Table.

Optional Accessories

120V Foot Switch

Imagine how easy your job is going to be using the foot pedal to start and stop your SWAG Portaband table. Plug your Portaband power cord into the outlet on the foot pedal. Plug the foot pedal cord into a 110 volt outlet. Press the pedal to start the saw, then remove your foot to turn the saw off.

Incra V27 Miter Gauge Assembly

We save you the hassle and run around of trying to find a miter gauge assembly that is compatible with your SWAG Portaband table. The INCRA V27 miter gauge is design & manufactured in the USA, and build to last as long as our tables. The V27 features four adjustable expansion joints to eliminate any side play and provides super smooth drag free motion along the miter track. The V27 also features their AngleLOCK indexing for quick tool free angle adjustment.


5 Stars
Swag Portaband Table
I've had the 3.0 version of this table for a month or so now,love it. I have a large horizontal/vertical bandsaw but you have to install small table to use vertically , kind of a hassle.So I saw Harbor Frieght had a new portaband with good reviews for $99,so I thought i'd give it a try. For less than $250 dollars I have a GREAT bandsaw table,love it. Hint ,get the available footpedal also works great.
Reviewed by:  from Albuquerque. on 10/10/2017
5 Stars
Great Table
Bought the Portaband 3.0 to go with a Harbor Freight Bauer 63444. Makes it much easier to handle. Buy the Incra Miter at the same time. I ordered one later and paid freight twice. harbor Freight foot pedal is cheaper and still does what you need.
Reviewed by:  from SLIPPERY ROCK. on 9/27/2017
5 Stars
Business Manager
Very good quality. It works great!!!
Reviewed by:  from APPLETON. on 10/10/2017
5 Stars
Bought the Harbor Freight portable band saw to be be able to use not only in garage but also basement shop,outside,and off my residence. HEAVY DUTY material,USA made,& LIGHTNING fast shpg.,&very well pkgd. Save yourself time and $$,opt for the powder coat.
Reviewed by:  from Falling Waters, W.V.. on 9/21/2017
5 Stars
Very fine product!
The v3.0 portaband table works very well! Couldn’t ask for anything better!
Reviewed by:  from Pennsylvania . on 10/9/2017
5 Stars
Owner at A2 Metal Art
Received as ordered and installed within 3 days of receipt. The V3.0 table is an excellent addition to my knife making shop. This is a very well made product and performs better than promised. Construction is robust and functional and everything works as advertised. I recommend this product fully and without reserve. Using the Milwaukee Deep Cut saw with the V4.0 table provided faultless installation and immediate use. If only the saw had a trigger lock this combo would be perfect. I fabricated and installed a 20 Amp switch and duplex out in order to facilitate easy on/off switching and eliminating the foot switch. Good job SWAG crew! Your product and our customer service is top drawer.
Reviewed by:  from Kansas City, KS. on 1/16/2022
5 Stars
Great Product
The bandsaw table is well designed and well built. A great product with fast shipping. But even more impressive was their great customer service. I highly recommend the product and company.
Reviewed by:  from Winona, Mn. on 1/16/2022
5 Stars
V3 and switch
Setup was a breeze - then started cutting right away. 3/16 2” angle iron, and then 3” round aluminum was east. The switch is money well spent. The table is a must for a small shop (home garage). Worth every penny!
Reviewed by:  from Phoenix . on 1/12/2022

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