.500" & .750" Square Combination Dies Delrin
Part Number: 75SQD

.500" & .750" Square Combination Dies Delrin

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James Orlowski
Needs to be more generalized

King dixie cap is not the norm in the rail industry. In 30 yrs of custom rail work I've never purchased top cap from them, always from a major aluminum supplier. They all have the same type and much cheaper than king. We had to have your dies revamped, unfortunately, because swag would not accommodate us. Too Bad


Thank you for your review.

We have sold thousands of these cap rail dies over the years and in that time we have had maybe 10 people complain that we are using the King Metal profile. In fact, the reason we selected the King Metal profile is because we spoke with quite a few craftsman from across the country who have many decades of rail experience between them and they universally suggested the use of the King Metal.

The real benefit of the King profile is that it is somewhat of a middle ground. Most dixie cap (including no-brand name cap from metal suppliers) will work with our dies even if it isn't a perfect fit. When the material is slightly different from the die profile, the die will actually conform to the material over time.

All that said, I am glad that you found someone to reprofile your dies.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if there is anything we can help you with.

Thank you,
SWAG Off Road

bill richardson

Excellent product and price!! Thanks!! Big Time!

5 Star

They worked out perfect

Dewey Erickson
5 star these worked perfectly would order them again

Worked perfectly

Matt Klouzek
Excellent dues for tube rolling

Super strong machined billet, heavy duty, and they keep the square tube from getting all corkscrewed in the roller!
My only complaint is that the locking key did not fit in the axle notch with the die on it. Otherwise it is awesome and I’d highly recommend!


I do apologize for the tight key way.

We machine those key ways to be ~1 thousandths larger than the size of the key stock (or at least the size the key stock is supposed to be, which is ~5.95mm.) The reason being that the torque on those components is so great that it actually causes the key stock to compress and the key way in the axle to stretch open after a few uses. In the past, we oversized the key ways slightly so that, when new, the axle would slide right in. Unfortunately, that meant that after a few uses there was quite a bit of slop, resulting in backlash and weird distortions in the material being rolled. The problem with machining to exact size like this, if there are any burrs in the axle or if the key stock is a few thousandths oversized, they can be a bear to insert and remove until that stretching occurs. Since we have those axles machined to extremely tight tolerances, my assumption is that the key stock you received is a few thousandths oversized.
If you would be willing to grind the key stock ever so slightly on two adjacent sides or rub it down with some scotch-brite so it fits in the axle, I would be more than happy to send a piece of replacement key stock so that after you axle stretches from use you will still have the tight tolerances we intended. Send me an email at sales@swagoffroad.com and I will get a replacement key stock headed your way.

Thank you,
SWAG Off Road

Thank you,
SWAG Off Road