SWAG Off Road Tubing Roller Dies Compatible With HULK or Harbor Freight Tube Roller
SWAG Off Road Tubing Roller Dies Compatible With HULK or Harbor Freight Tube Roller
SWAG Off Road Tubing Roller Dies Compatible With HULK or Harbor Freight Tube Roller
SWAG Off Road Tubing Roller Dies Compatible With HULK or Harbor Freight Tube Roller
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SWAG Off Road Tubing Roller Dies Compatible With HULK or Harbor Freight Tube Roller

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SWAG Off Road Tubing Roller Dies Compatible With HULK or Harbor Freight Tube Roller

When you purchase the Harbor Freight Tubing roller it comes with three roller die sets, 1.0" 1.5" and 2.0" round tube dies. If you are looking for additional tubing roller dies for the Harbor Freight tubing roller and or the HULK tubing roller you have came to the right spot.

As it currently stands we have 78 different sizes of dies available. We stock round tube dies, square dies, round pipe dies as well as a universal edge roller dies set for rolling flat bar on edge, cap rail dies and dies for rolling square on edge in a diamond shape. These dies are compatible with our HULK tubing roller as well as the Harbor Freight tubing roller.

Each die set is 100% CNC machined out of 1018 steel for a precise fit. Every die set includes two outer non drive rollers and one center drive roller with key stock with set screws.

The SWAG machined 4130 chromoly premium drive axle is required and must be used with our dies. One drive axle is compatible with every dies set we produce, hence you will only need one axle regardless of how many die sets you own.

The drive axles as well as the center drive rollers are now broached and keyed. Using the a key way will eliminate the hassle of constantly tightening the set screws and trying to keep the "wobble" out of the center drive roller.

The drive axle has 4 machined flats for the crank wheel which increases the grip and reduces premature wear.

We currently offer the dies in the following configurations round tube, round pipe, square, as well as a full line unique dies for doing flat bar in edge or square in a diamond profile.In addition we also offer a full line of Delrin dies in round tube, round pipe and square sizes.

Delrin dies are well suited for aluminum, copper, brass, and chrome finished where abrasion or scratches on the material are not acceptable.

NOTE: Tube rolling is a bit of an art; where time and patience is your friend. Due to so many operator controlled variables, there is no warranty on our dies. GREASE the contact surfaces of your dies to prevent premature wear. We sell Tube Lube separately which is designed specifically for rolling applications. Axle grease, white lithium, or molybdenum disulfide grease will work. This is especially important while rolling square tube. As a general rule round tube, round pipe, flat bar, and cap rail dies can roll hoops with a minimum diameter of ~2 Ft. Square dies can roll square tubing into a hoop with a minimum diameter of ~8-10 Ft. Rolling square tubing without grease will damage your dies, the tighter the arch, the more the damage.

Not sure of the difference between pipe and tube? Simply put, tube is measured from the outside diameter, and pipe is measured on the inside diameter of the part. For example: 1-1/2" pipe will have an OD of 1.90", where as the 1-1/2" tubing will have an actual OD of 1-1/2" See attached pipe size table below.

Hand Rail Cap Dies

Our Hand Rail Cap dies are exclusively made to fit King Metal's "Cap Rail" profile material. These dies will fit King Metal's 1.750" small profile, the 2.250" large profile, as well as the .50" channel which the cap rail mounts to. We created these dies with the intention of having everything readily available for your hand rail rolling needs, without having to switch out dies when changing material. Check out our example picture below and demonstration video above for more information.

Customer Reviews

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Kurt Hintz
Excellent service, Excellent Quality

It was a pleasure to deal with Swag Off Road before, during & after the sale. True professionals.
Their products fill a need for fabrication tools for the weekend Hobby fabricator clear up to fabrication shops. I’ve been a machinist for over 40 years and feel that I’m qualified to say that Swag’s products are top quality.

Richard (chico) Thomas
rollers: Perfect, third set and ordering one more set, soon

sorry wrote it in the wrong spot hahahahhahahah I also bought a bandsaw stand Outstanding ,thanks

Pat Colleps
Top quality and affordability

This is my 3rd, and definitely not my final, order from Swag. Everything I have gotten is top quality. And although as a business owner I have to justify cost of everything I order, it doesn't break the bank comparatively speaking.
I will order more.

ralph wilson
A little bumpy but great in the end

Was supposed to get 1.5” but received 1.25” instead. Contacted swag and within 30 mins had new ones being expedited out to me and superior communication. Can’t recommend highly enough.

Edward Bressman
Delrin pipe roller dies

I made a home made roller and needed dies! These are Top quality dies!!! I definitely appreciate you guys! Thank you