SWAG V1.0 Portaband Table

SWAG V1.0 Portaband Table

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SWAG V1.0 Table
SWAG V1.0 Table W/ Foot Switch [+$29.95]
Harbor Freight Item #47840
Only Select This Option If You Own The Harbor Freight Portaband Model #47840 [+$4.00]
Dewalt Battery Powered Compact Model #DCS370B, DCS370K, DCS371B, DCS371P1, DCS371K
Only Select This Option If You Own The Dewalt Portaband Models Listed Directly Above [+$4.00]
Porter Cable #724, 725, 726, Greenlee #530
Only Select This Option If You Own The Porter Cable, or Greenlee Portaband Models Listed Directly Above [+$4.00]
SWAG V1.0 Portaband Table

Please verify that your model of saw is listed below as a supported model of the SWAG V1.0 table.

° Milwaukee Deep cut model #'s 6230, 6230N, 6232, 6232-6, 6232-5, 6232-51, 6232-55, 6232-6, 6232-6N, 6232-8N, 6236, 6238, 6238-8, 6238N, 0729-20, 0729-21, M28, V28

° Milwaukee Non deep cut model #'s 6223, 6224, 6225, 6226, 6227, 6234

° Milwaukee Corded compact model #'s 6242-6, 6242-8

° Dewalt Deep cut model #'s DWM120 DWM120K, D28770, D28770K, DCS374, DCS374B, DCS374P2, DCS376P2

° Dewalt Compact model #'s DCS370B, DCS370K, DCS371B, DCS371P1, DCS371K, "Click The Check Box Listed Above"

° Harbor Freight Deep cut Item # 47840, "Click The Check Box Listed Above"

° Harbor Freight Bauer Deep cut Item #'s 63763, 63444, 64194, 62800, 1678E-B

° King Canada "Industrial" # KC-8377

° Makita Deep cut model #'s 2107F, 2107FK, 2107FZ, XBP02Z, XBP02TX, BPB180Z-18VOLT

° Bosch # GCB10-5,The foot switch will not work with the electronic trigger switch on this saw

° Porter Cable Model #'s 724, 725, 726, "Click The Check Box Listed Above" WILL NOT FIT ROCKWELL PORTER CABLE

° Greenlee # 530, "Click The Check Box Listed Above"

° Home Depot WEN Brand # 94396

° Northern Tool / Iron Ton# 73134

° Grizzly Tools Deep cut model # G8692

° If you own the new Milwaukee # 6232-20, 6232-21, 6238-20 & 6238-21 saws please click HERE for our V4.0 Portaband tables.

Here at SWAG our Portaband tables are built for individuals looking for quality, 100% American made tools at an affordable price. Designed for those working with limited space and or those looking to maximize the full potential of their hand held band saws.

The SWAG V1.0 vice mounted Portaband table was our first ever item to debut on our website back in 2008, and has remained virtually unchanged to this day. With its simple yet robust platform the V1.0 Portaband table is laser cut out of 1/4" thick steel so it will easily outlast the saw that is bolted to it.

To convert your saw into a vertical band saw installation could not be any easier, remove the factory foot guards two or three screws depending upon model and reinstall the table with the provided fasteners.

This kit contains all the necessary hardware to attach your Dewalt or Milwaukee deep throat Portaband to the SWAG Portaband tables. This table does not come painted.

Due to the blade guard mounting hole locations on the Harbor Freight Model # 47840 Portaband, there is new foot guard mounting plate that is required to adapt the saw to fit the V1.0 Portaband table, hence the additional $4.00 in product cost.

Our V1.0 table is cut on a CNC laser out of 1/4" thick steel plate, formed on a CNC press brake and weighs in at ~ 15 pounds for ultimate durability. The table dimensions are 1.50 tall, 10.75" deep & 12.0" wide.

Optional Accessories

120V Foot Switch

Imagine how easy your job is going to be using the foot pedal to start and stop your SWAG Portaband table. Plug your Portaband power cord into the outlet on the foot pedal. Plug the foot pedal cord into a 110 volt outlet. Press the pedal to start the saw, then remove your foot to turn the saw off.

5 Stars
Portaband Table V1.0
I bought the SWAG Portaband table for my Milwaukee portaband. The table was easy to install on my portaband. I have used it and the table has sure made my cutting work easier. I’m glad I bought it. Wish I had bought it sooner.
Reviewed by:  from Lenexa, KS. on 10/9/2017
4 Stars
table works great , foot switch a must for safety , i would like it better if it was made out stainless are have a nickel plating , rust way to easy
Reviewed by:  from louisiana . on 10/9/2017
5 Stars
Great little table
Table fit exactly the way it should. Great addition for someone that doesnt have the room for bigger tools. Works wonderfully!!!!
Reviewed by:  from Alamo. on 8/6/2017
5 Stars
Well worth the money.
Reviewed by:  from TN. on 8/26/2017
5 Stars
Great tool, I don't have room for a bandsaw, so this set-up worked out great for me!!
Reviewed by:  from so-cal. on 6/22/2017
5 Stars
Bandsaw on Stand
This is a great addition to my saw. Have built a simple wooden stand and now I have a great mini bandsaw. Table quality is excellent. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by:  from Vero Beach. on 6/8/2021
5 Stars
Garage mechanic
This table fit my saw perfectly and is built like a tank. Turns a cheap hand tool into a very useful table say.
Reviewed by:  from Atlanta, GA. on 6/1/2021
5 Stars
Metal Band Saw Stand
I received my fixture (saw table) and mounted the saw in a vise. It worked well when tested. I tired of walking pieces to be cut back and forth to the saw. I made a small for it and now I roll it to the area where I work. If I were to do it again I would order it with the stand. I like it very much. Robert
Reviewed by:  from Central Florida Coast. on 5/18/2021

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