SWAG Portaband Table - Pro Model
SWAG Portaband Table - Pro Model
SWAG Portaband Table - Pro Model
SWAG Portaband Table - Pro Model

SWAG Portaband Table - Pro Model

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SWAG Portaband Table - Pro Model

Here at SWAG our Portaband tables are built for individuals looking for quality, 100% American made tools at an affordable price. Designed for those working with limited space and or those looking to maximize the full potential of their hand held band saws.

Product evolution and expansion has led us to SWAG Portaband table Pro Model which features built in dual miter gauge slides, bolt on 1/8" thick steel legs to create a stable platform, and an improved blade slot with narrower width to reduce potential blade binding.

To convert your saw into a vertical band saw installation could not be any easier. You will now have a saw that performs two functions, a portable band saw and a vertical band saw that does not require any tools to switch between the two functions.

Our Pro Model table is cut on a CNC laser out of 3/16" thick steel plate, formed on a CNC press brake and weighs in at ~ 18 pounds for ultimate durability. The Table dimensions are 9.75 tall, 11" deep & 13.5" wide. With the saw installed the overall dimensions are ~22" tall, 18" deep & 13.5" wide.

The cordless M28 or V28 Milwaukee saws will require a 1/2" spacer under the table legs to allow for clearance of the battery pack "not included."
NOTE: The Milwaukee 6232 and the 6232-20 / 6232-21 are different saws. Make sure to select the correct model number as the the different saws will not fit on the same table.
NOTE: Older Milwaukee saws frequently have some variability in the locations of the threaded holes we use to mount to the table. Because of this, some minor fitment may be required. 95% of saws will work without fitment. This is especially applicable to the Milwaukee 6230 and the 6242-2.

This kit contains all the necessary hardware to attach your saw to the SWAG Portaband table.

Optional Accessories

"Choke Out" Trigger Control Kit

The Choke Out Kit allows you to turn your saw on by simply pulling the handle attached to the front of your table. Installation is simple and only requires a small modification to the table top. The Choke Out will work with any saw, including battery operated models.

120V Foot Switch

Imagine how easy your job is going to be using the foot pedal to start and stop your SWAG Portaband table. Plug your Portaband power cord into the outlet on the foot pedal. Plug the foot pedal cord into a 110 volt outlet. Press the pedal to start the saw, then remove your foot to turn the saw off.

Incra V27 Miter Gauge Assembly

We save you the hassle and run around of trying to find a miter gauge assembly that is compatible with your SWAG Portaband table. The INCRA V27 miter gauge is design & manufactured in the USA, and build to last as long as our tables. The V27 features four adjustable expansion joints to eliminate any side play and provides super smooth drag free motion along the miter track. The V27 also features their AngleLOCK indexing for quick tool free angle adjustment.

Magnetic Pen Holder "The Writey Tidy"

Every shop seems to have the same issues, the lost 10 mm socket, the broken tap, and the dozens of misplaced pens. We were getting sick of never being able to find a Sharpie so the Magnetic Pen Holder was born. 3D Printed out of durable PLA+, there are two powerful 5 lbs. magnets inlaid into the holder so you can stick it to your Portaband table, your shop press, or your welding cart. Room for 4 markers and 3 pens, there's plenty of room for all your different writing implements. This is one of those add-ons that you don't realize how badly you need until you start using it!

Customer Reviews

Based on 957 reviews

well worth the cost. I have probably used the saw table 5 or6 hours so far in the two weeks I have owned it. Well made, easy to put together.

Lee Josephs
Well worth it.

This is very high quality and super handy. Well worth the expense.

Great Product

Great investment. A little pricey but worth it. Every shop needs this!!!


Killer piece of kit. Makes a tool useful in so many more ways!

Swag Portaband table-Pro

Ordered my table at same time I ordered my bandsaw. Table was easy to assemble and attaching bandsaw was quick and simple. I have used it numerous times since and don’t know how I managed all these years without it. Great product!