SWAG Chamfer Table
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SWAG Chamfer Table

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SWAG Chamfer Table

When fabricating, few things a more satisfying than a clean edge or a consistent chamfer. Even more so when that perfect chamfer takes less than 30 seconds to achieve. Introducing the SWAG Chamfer table. The Chamfer Table may not look like much, but it has become an indispensable tool in our shop. The table allows you to mount a pneumatic chamfering tool flush with the top of the large flat table. This gives you ample support and control as you break the edges on even the most complex parts.

Made in the USA out of domestic steel, the chamfer table is formed out of 3/16" plate so it won't sag, ever when you're working with a heavy piece.

NOTE: We do not sell the Pneumatic Chamfering Tool or replacement carbide inserts!

Both the tool and the carbide inserts are readily available on Amazon. We buy ours from this supplier:

Amazon Pneumatic Chamfering Tool

Spare Carbide Inserts

If you want to add a ball valve like we did, all you need is a this one from Harbor Freight:

Harbor Freight Ball Valve

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Awesome Product

First off, this chamfer table is HEAVY! Swag is known for over-building their products and they certainly didn't shy from tradition with this item.
Second, it does exactly what I bought it for. Couldn't be happier with the functionality of the table. The little Chinese made chamfer tools are cheap but they have no trouble getting the job done. I actually had one of those tools before I purchased the table and it worked ok... but mounting it to a stable platform like this made my chamfers far smoother and consistent.
Third, assembly is a no-brainer. The table was up and running less than 5 minutes after I opened the box. If I want to use the tool in hand on a large piece or something, it takes 30 seconds to remove the tool.
The one negative with this table is that it is a little short and therefore not easy to reach under in order to adjust the depth of the chamfer cutters. This is hardly even a gripe and definitely not a major issue. I probably should have ordered the feet Swag offers but figured they weren't necessary at the time.

The last thing I want to mention, some of the other reviews are whining about sharp edges... the folks who wrote those reviews must have soft hands or something... The edges are unfinished but they aren't "sharp." Personally, I'd rather pay the current price over a higher price in order to have the edges machined.

George M
Nice product, a little pricey

Nice heavy-duty table well made. Being new bare metal, if you live in a humid area like Houston, TX wipe it down with a metal prep or lube to keep it from rusting, one week in my shop and the photo below shows the quick change. I don't think the plastic knobs are needed, the threads on the retaining plate appear to be an interference fit so the bolts won't vibrate loose during use and the plastic knob came loose on one of the bolts. Shops that are using this table have Allen wrenches, sockets, t-handles, the plastic knobs aren't needed. I set it up with a ball valve like SWAG suggested and it worked ok on the first try. I know everything is up right now because of inflation, but I'd be happier with the purchase if the price was lower

Larry Thomas
Nice table top setup.

Pretty excited about the table top router. There were some flared out edges on the bends, so I sanded down the sharp bits. The kit had clear instructions and went together well. After I cleaned up the sharp edges I powder coated the metal. Really turned out nice.


Always enjoy Swag's money-saving products. However, one would think they would have chamfered the edge of the chamfer table???

Virgil Ridenhour
Good Tool

This is a great product.
This is one of those tools you want to buy two of in the case they may stop making it and you always have another one.