SWAG FAT 50 Cal Ammo Can Mount Only

SWAG FAT 50 Cal Ammo Can Mount Only

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SWAG FAT 50 Cal Ammo Can Mount Only

Have you been looking for a tough, reliable, safe, water proof, airtight, lockable storage at a very competitive price? The SWAG FAT 50 cal PA108 ammo can mounts are just that. Military ammo cans are used extensively in the field to transport a variety of calibers of ammunition to the troops. These cans feature a removable lid with a rubber gasket seal, flat folding handle for carrying, lever-lock lid that is lockable, and they are constructed of heavy gauge steel. These are ideal for storing ammo, tools, or anything you want to keep locked up and secured.

The SWAG ammo can mount is constructed out of 12 gauge 5052 Aluminum which keeps the weight down and does not require painting. Well suited for the off-road, overland expedition, vehicle racing, and or anywhere you need a tough lockable storage box.

The butterfly latch on the front of the aluminum mount allows the user to remove the top lid of the can and still have the can firmly attached to the aluminum base. This is ideal if you are using the box for communications equipment or looking to have full unobstructed access to the contents inside the box for an extended period of time.

Note: The footman loop mounted on the rear of the ammo can is attached using two stainless steel fasteners and nyloc nuts. If you wish to keep the box completely water proof you will need to remove the fasteners and install silicone and/or rubber washers to make a water tight seal.

Kit contents include the following:

  • (1) 12 gauge, 5021 aluminum mount that is laser cut and formed on a CNC press brake
  • (1) Black footman loop
  • (2) Stainless steel fasteners & nyloc nuts to attach the footman loop to your ammo can
  • (1) 4" long piece of adhesive magnetic tape
  • (1) Stainless steel locking pin & nyloc nut
  • (1) Butterfly latch & 3 stainless steel mounting screws

100% proudly made it the USA. The overall outside dimensions when installed in the aluminum base are 13.5" L X 7.25" W x 8.75" H. The usable inside dimensions are 12" L x 6.75" W x 8.5" H.

The ammo cans can be purchased through several online vendors such as Amazon or Ebay, however we prefer Quadratec as they offer high quality cans in both green and black at a great price with free shipping over $50.00. Visit Quadratec's website here.


5 Stars
Great Product, Poor Attention to Detail
I ordered this item and received it promptly via USPS. I am disappointed in the appearance of the item. There are visible scratches and wear marks on the aluminum. Also, the laser cut "SWAG" is not clean. The pictures on the website do not accurately reflect the item I received. I realize this is item will receive lots of real-world scratches, however I paid top dollar for this item and I expect it to look brand new when it arrives.
Reviewed by:  from San Antonio Texas. on 10/25/2016
5 Stars
Nailed it!
I wanted a base to mount my AmmoAudio Fat50 Bluetooth radio on the dash of my M998 HMMWV "Humvee". Keeping it secure and unable to bounce around offroad or in a collision. SWAG for the win again!
Reviewed by:  from Texas. on 5/16/2017
5 Stars
Very nicely built!
I was looking for a "container" into which I could install a business band radio for use on a railroad motorcar or speeder. I had first thought about using an ammo can and ran across this company while searching for the appropriate model can. My first thought was "$100.00 is kinda pricey for an ammo can" but I liked the fabricated mount. I went ahead and ordered one and was not disappointed. The can appears to be new production. The base fits perfectly and the latch and retention system works great! I am 100% happy with my decision to purchase this product.
Reviewed by:  from Miami, FL . on 8/30/2016
5 Stars
SWAG FAT 50 Ammo Can w/mount
I installed the can in my 57 Chevy. It makes a great console. Lockable for extra security. I even added cup-holders to the front for convenience. I like this item & recommend it to anyone looking for a unique, secure storage & it makes a great console.
Reviewed by:  from Lafayette LA. on 3/2/2016
5 Stars
I bought the fat 50 ammo can mount and the 8 gal. Rubber Maid action packer mount. I mounted both just inside the tailgate of my YJ. These products gave me a safe, secure, and handy way to store my recovery gear, portable air compressor, wheel tools, tire repair kits, and my Hi-Lift accessories. I am seriously considering the purchase of another fat 50 mount to store my "bench" stock. These are well thought out, nicely engineered, and good looking products that work!
Reviewed by:  from Pima County, Az.. on 3/17/2015
5 Stars
Awesome Product!!!
This is an awesome product and it looks exactly as its pictured. The craftsmanship of the mount holding the ammo can is high quality and tough. My plan is to mount this in my Jeep as a center storage unit for offroading. The only bad thing was the hole drilled to close the latch of the ammo can was slightly off. This made it very hard to open and close the latch. I corrected this by using a slightly larger drill bit making the hole bigger so the latch could close and open with ease. Overall great product and I will certainly be ordering another soon!
Reviewed by:  from NJ. on 12/28/2014

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