SWAG 20 TON Press Brake DIY Builder Kit
SWAG 20 TON Press Brake DIY Builder Kit
SWAG 20 TON Press Brake DIY Builder Kit
SWAG 20 TON Press Brake DIY Builder Kit

SWAG 20 TON Press Brake DIY Builder Kit

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20 TON Press Brake DIY Builder Kit

Press Brake kit comes unassembled, you do the final assembly and welding.
Designed to fit the Harbor Freight 20 ton hydraulic press Item # 32879 & 60603.
Press brake kit includes an adjustable back stop for accurate and repeatable bends.

  • Max Bending Radius (deg.) 110
  • Max Bending Capacity 3/8" plate
  • Max Bending Width 19.25"
  • Total width of the brake is 22.125" wide

Tools required for assembly: welder, grinder, level, small square.
It Is capable of bending mild steel in the following length and thickness.

  • 19" = Full bending width of the bottom die on anything 1/8" or thinner.
  • 15" in 3/16"
  • 12" in 1/4"
  • 5" in 3/8"
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NOTE: Shop Press and Bottle Jack are NOT Included
NOTE: The optional centering tabs provided with the press break do not come attached on the fully welded kit.

The DIY 20 ton press makes a great addition to the arbor press plates we sell HERE.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Ted Arnold

Perfect little tool for the shop, since I generally need to make small pieces, and light duty brackets

Charley Reid

Unless you have free gas, are a certified welder and don't expect to start bending anything when it arrives, opt for the fully welded kit. Press made easy work to help fab up 6 fire extinguisher dollies.

Robert Peterson

Awesome engineering and workmanship. Works great. Thanks

Marc Smith

Easy to follow directions and works well

Erik Hinz

I considered trying to source the parts separately but it wouldve cost twice as much and Id have to do all the designing. I opted for the DIY kit after watching the how-to video. It was straightforward and the included color instructions were clear to follow as well. Ive already used it to make the bends on a push bumper with 10 gauge steel, no issues at all, nice clean bends.