SWAG Bundle For Harbor Freight Tubing Roller

SWAG Bundle For Harbor Freight Tubing Roller

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SWAG Weld On Wings [+$91.95]
SWAG Electric Drive/Bottle Jack Kit [+$71.95]
SWAG 4130 Replacement Drive Axle [+$34.95]
SWAG Machined Drive Hub [+$34.95]
Complete SWAG Kit for modifying the Harbor Freight Tubing Roller [+$233.80]
Complete SWAG Bundle For Harbor Freight Tubing Roller

Are you looking to maximize the potential of your Harbor Freight Tubing Roller? Do you want all the perks of a high-end roller at a fraction of the cost? We have bundled all of our accessories into one complete kit for your one-stop shopping needs. This bundle includes the following accessories:

With all of these accessories, you will be able to roll anything and everything you want with your tube roller. It will also make it fully compatible for use with all 69 of our tubing roller dies.

Still in need of a Harbor Freight Tubing Roller? You can purchase one online by clicking HERE.

Ready to get rolling with your first sets of SWAG dies? Click HERE to view our complete collection.
5 Stars
This upgrade made this tool useable and perform way better high quality stuff Im glad I got it
Reviewed by:  from New Jersey . on 3/26/2020
5 Stars
Shop Manager
This set is amazing! Recently purchased the full bundle. Set up was a breeze, top quality laser'd parts. Purchased a set of dies as well. Flat bar "the hard way" is amazing - works great! Thanks again guys.
Reviewed by:  from Santa Clarita. on 3/10/2020
5 Stars
4H Advisor
I bought the bundle package for the tubing roller along with a set of 1.5 and 2.0 inch dies for my son's 4H Ag Mechanics project. Very happy with the entire experience and equipment. My son who is 17 was able to assemble the wings and hydraulic press attachments in about 2 hrs. As soon as he was done he bent a 20 ft stick of 1.5 inch schedule 4 pipe into a candy cane shape. Worked perfectly. Because of it being so long I did have to stay on one end with a pipe wrench to keep it from falling to either side and putting a twist in it but it wasn't a big deal. He bent a total of three 20 foot sticks in about 2 hrs and was able to match the bends almost perfectly. Great product.
Reviewed by:  from Texas. on 12/15/2019
4 Stars
This product is so good I'm buying it for the second time. First time it got stoken, if a thief is going to choose a 75 lb item to steal, you know it's gotta be good!
Reviewed by:  from Cumberland. on 11/26/2019

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