SWAG Machined Tubing Bender Air/Hydraulic Ram Mount
SWAG Machined Tubing Bender Air/Hydraulic Ram Mount
SWAG Machined Tubing Bender Air/Hydraulic Ram Mount
SWAG Machined Tubing Bender Air/Hydraulic Ram Mount

SWAG Machined Tubing Bender Air/Hydraulic Ram Mount

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SWAG Machined Tube Bender Air/Hydraulic Ram Mount

Tired of cranking the handle on your tubing bender? Are you using a cheater bar slid over the factory handle to gain mechanical leverage, while trying to read the degree wheel that is ~8 feet away? This kit is designed out of pure necessity and built to be the best kit out on the market.

Now designed to fit the JD-2 Model 3 and JD-2 Model 32, Pro Tools 105 & 105HD, Woodward Fab WFB2, Eastwood 21115, and JMR manual tubing benders, with no restrictions on die sizes.

SWAG Off Road has honed its focus and tube bending expertise over the past few months and redesigned the air/hydraulic ram mount to include the following feature upgrades:

  • The ram attachment clamp is now holding the ram in line with the bending axis, which results in less wear and tear on the bending ram and increased bending capacity.
  • 100 pound elastic return spring and machined pressure release knob is now included with every kit.
  • Increased stroke length = increased bending degrees per cycle.
  • No welding required, 100% bolt on kit.
  • 100% designed, machined and manufactured with all US made components and materials.

Sleek aesthetic and clean lines is what separates this kit from everything else on the market, designed with a high level of attention to detail and superior fit and finish.

This kit allows you to have the freedom to take your tube bender with you. Since the hydraulics are now pushing directly against the arms of the bender, you are free to unbolt your bender from your concrete floor and mount it on wheels, saving you valuable floor space.

Please note: The Swag Infinite 8 tube bender mounting plate is not compatible with the machined air/hydro ram mount.

This kit includes a new mounting plate on which to mount your bender. This bracket is laser cut out of 3/8" steel plate and is compatible with every tube bender that fits our machined air/hydraulic ram mount kit, refer to the picture below of the steel mounting bracket. Some benders may not fit on their factory pedestals. This bracket can be welded to the factory pedestal, allowing you to mount your bender.

Please note that this kit is 100% complete, however it does not come painted. Tube bender as well as the 8 ton ram is not included. The 8 Ton Air/Hydraulic ram must have an outside diameter of 80mm. There are dozens of 8 ton rams that are sold on Ebay & Amazon, however a majority of them have an outside diameter of 84MM with will not work for this application. The 80mm OD ram we recommend is manufactured by Harbor Freight PN 56215 which can be purchased at your local Harbor Freight store, or at this link HERE for ~$95.00, don't forget their 20% off coupon.

Harbor Freight is currently experiencing supply chain issues and many stores do not have the 8 Ton Ram in stock. For a list of compatible rams, please send us an email through the "Contact" page on our website or send us an email directly at sales@swagoffroad.com

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Excellent product.....even better customer service

The kit is top notch. After a few bends, my bungee strap broke....things happen. I called SWAG but didn't want to talk to the answering machine. A few hours later, they called me based on a missed call and had already pulled my order up in front of them. I told them about my issue, they apologized, and said based on the short time I has been using it that they would be sending a new one out free of charge. I had a tracking number indicating the shipment less than an hour later. If I can buy it from SWAG, I will buy it from SWAG. Makes me think customer service isn't quite dead yet. Well done.

Steve Reigel
Complete kit

For a couple hundred bucks you can have your self a complete kit to turn your bender into a air/hydro unit. Worth every penny. No time wasted In trying to copy a great design and comes with bleeder
Knob and the return spring. Money well spent

Dave Weekly

bought the 209$$ model nd its super qauitly would recommed it to anyone

John Gavey
Off roader/ fabricator

Bought to help make more accurate and faster bends. I built a full cage for a jeep in a couple of days with the help of this hydraulic ram attachment. Really saved a lot of time and made reading the degree wheel a breeze. Quality item I would recommend to anyone looking to convert there bender to hydraulic.

Michael Ward

Ordered the machined ram mount for our JD2 model 32 bender. Installed it last week and have bent several sticks of tubing. Couldnt be more pleased!