SWAG Formed Tubing Bender Air/Hydraulic Ram Mount

SWAG Formed Tubing Bender Air/Hydraulic Ram Mount

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SWAG Formed Tube Bender Air/Hydraulic Ram Mount

Tired of cranking the handle on your tubing bender? Are you using a 6' cheater bar slid over the factory handle to gain mechanical leverage, while trying to read the degree wheel that is ~8 feet away? This kit is designed out of pure necessity and built to be the best kit out on the market.

Designed to fit the JD-2 Model 3, JD-2 Model 32, Pro Tools 105, 105HD, Woodward Fab WFB2, Eastwood 21115, and JMR manual tubing benders. The brackets are laser cut out of high strength 1/4" steel and formed on a CNC press brake. Sold in two configurations, welded or unwelded. Material thickness and bending capacity vary from tube bender to tube bender please consult your user manual for technical information. Rule of thumb if you can bend it manually then the SWAG air/hydraulic bender can bend the same material with ease.

The JD-2 Model 32 has 2 additional steel brackets and several additional fasteners not show in the picture above, hence the additional cost. The formed version of the JD-2 Model 32 is rated up to .120 wall material. If you are bending thicker wall material, .188 or larger you will need our machined air/hydro ram mount.

Please note that this kit is 100% complete, however it does not come painted. The tube bender as well as the 8 ton ram is not included. The 8 Ton Air/Hydraulic ram must have an outside diameter of 80mm. There are dozens of 8 ton rams that are sold on Ebay & Amazon, however a majority of them have an outside diameter of 84MM with will not work for this application. The 80mm OD ram we recommend is manufactured by Harbor Freight PN 56215 which can be purchased at your local Harbor Freight store, or at this link HERE for ~$95.00, don't forget their 20% off coupon.


Tube Bender Optional Accessory

Elastic Return Spring

Imagine how much easier your job is going if you're not having to manually retract your tube bender every time you need to re-pin your die set. The 100 pounds of resistance offered by this return spring is backwards compatible with our Air/Hydro tube bender ram mount. No tools required for installation, just hook it up to your bender and the back side of your 8 ton ram and your done.

The springs are made of rubber tubing that's encapsulated in a polypropylene fabric sleeve for excellent wear resistance.



5 Stars
Great Product
After receiving the press brake bent parts in the mail and inspecting the quality and almost gapless joints to be welded I was already happy. I am a fabricator by trade and have access to a press brake but the time I saved not having to design, cut out and bend the parts myself were well worth the purchase price. I TIG welded the parts on my fixture table to insure they stayed square then installed them on my JD2 bender. I downloaded a 20% coupon to purchase the bender from HF and then installed while holding my breath before making some test bends. The parts and bender function exactly as designed and I was left wondering why I waited so long to get rid the manual ratcheting arm. I should have purchased this years ago but hindsight is 20/20 and I wish I would have purchased the elastic return spring as well. Great product, excellent bends and cuts, TIG welded easily and a very complete kit, thank you for a quality product.
Reviewed by:  from Austin, TX. on 10/12/2017
5 Stars
It works, really good
Does exactly what it says, easy to assemble, easy to use, easy to figure out. Takes a manual bender and makes it hydraulic. The price investment in this setup is a really good intermediate point before taking the plunge to buy a full electric/hydro setup.
Reviewed by:  from Roseland. on 8/10/2017
5 Stars
Awesome product
Works very good quality product.
Reviewed by:  from Canada. on 9/4/2020
5 Stars
Very happy with the product easy to assemble should have done it along time ago
Reviewed by:  from Idaho . on 8/2/2020
5 Stars
Awesome product. Makes life way easier!
Reviewed by:  from Az. on 7/29/2020
5 Stars
Dragon Slayer
This air/hydraulic cylinder adapter for my JD2 bender makes bending tube much easier. I should have bought one a long time ago
Reviewed by:  from Pittsburg. on 7/27/2020
5 Stars
Works excellent for Building roll cages.
Reviewed by:  from NY. on 7/21/2020
5 Stars
Ram mount
With a few small mods fit my millart bender perfectly salesman very helpful thanks guys.
Reviewed by:  from parma. on 7/1/2020

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