SWAG Machined Arbor Press Plates (Pair)

SWAG Machined Arbor Press Plates (Pair)

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Machined Arbor Press Plates (Pair)

Cut out of high strength grade 50-A572 steel plate. These arbor press plates are sold as a pair and are designed to replace the junk cast arbor plates that are prone to shattering under heavy load. Every SWAG arbor press plate is machined on both sides to remove mill scale and sharp edges.

We currently offer 4 different sizes of arbor plates

7.00" X 7.00" X 1.0" Ideal size for factory replacement of the 12 ton Harbor Freight cast arbor plates

8.50'' X 10.00'' X 1.50'' Ideal size for factory replacement of the 20 ton Harbor Freight cast arbor plates

9.75" X 9.75" X 1.50"

12.00" X 12.00" X 1.50"

The low cost cast arbor plates that are typical provided with hydraulic presses, often fail under shock loading.

Learn from others and look at the 3rd picture above provided by Mud Slayer 2.0 on Pirate4x4.com who was generous enough to provide the story below.

"I was pressing on a bushing using a Harbor Freight 20 ton press with the provided cast arbor plates. I felt the bushing starting to get stiff. about 1/4" left to go I gave one good pull and I heard POW! I felt like I had been punched in the face by a gorilla as the cast arbor plate had just exploded.

One of the guys in the shop came over to check on me and said "Dude you're face is bleeding" I had a gash right next to my left eye. I was driven to the Dr. office where I got 8 stitches. I was told I was very lucky I didn’t lose my eye.

When I returned to the shop I was looking at the press and noticed the porous nature of the arbor plates. This was the day I learned about the material properties of Cast Iron."

5 Stars
Far exceeded my expectations!
These plates are incredible! I'm almost embarrassed to have arbor plates of this quality on a HF press! The plates are probably 40% of the weight of the rest of the press. If you are even thinking about new plates or reading this you need to just get them. You won't be disappointed. I've bought several things from Troy and have been impressed every time. Thanks for making these available.
Reviewed by:  from KY. on 7/16/2017
5 Stars
Seriously beefy
After reading horror stories and watching a few scary videos of Harbor Freight press plates exploding, I knew I needed something that was NOT cast. These plates are extremely beefy and precision cut so you can easily use the cutouts to position things for pressing in bearings, gears, etc. These are a must-have for anyone using Harbor Freight's presses.
Reviewed by:  from Dallas, TX. on 6/2/2017
5 Stars
Branch Manager
We chose to purchase arbor press plates initially due to the size, but once we had them appreciated the superior construction. We have used them several times and continue to be impressed with the quality and strength of the product. We had a great experience with delivery. Promised five days and got them in two with no additional charge!!! GREAT PRODUCT and Service.
Reviewed by:  from Ladson. on 12/23/2019
5 Stars
Weekend fabricator and mechanic
These plates are expertly fabricated and finished...while I use my press rarely, these will solve my present issues and give me additional pressing options in the future.
Reviewed by:  from Enterprise, FL . on 12/1/2019
5 Stars
Great Upgrade
I put these on a 20 Ton press under a SWAG Finger Brake. Great upgrade, they are robust and provide the complete support that SWAG recommends for the brake.
Reviewed by:  from Cypress, Texas. on 10/25/2019
5 Stars
Pure beef. These plates are top notch
Reviewed by:  from Texas. on 9/21/2019
5 Stars
These plates are about as quality as you can get (NO CHINA HERE) I'm impressed with these their heavy duty for sure. Your company is outstanding for building tools that work for a price that is more than reasonable. I had questions on a stand that I bought from you for portable electric band saw that I got an answer right away. Keep up the American way love it!
Reviewed by:  from Dave's Wheel Alignment. on 9/7/2017
5 Stars
Excellent quality,competitive price,fast,free shipping.How could it be any better? I especially liked the facecut surfaces on the plates. Quality!!
Reviewed by:  from Lynnwood, WA. on 7/31/2017

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