SWAG Tubing Roller 'HULK'

SWAG Tubing Roller 'HULK'

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Machined Drive Hub For Use With Electric Pipe Threader
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Spare Non-Drive Die Axle Kit
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Universal Small Round Tube Dies .50", .375", .3125", .250" [+$189.95]
Universal Small Round Tube Dies .50", .375", .3125", .250 Delrin [+$189.95]
.625" Round Tube Dies [+$189.95]
.750" Round Tube Dies [+$189.95]
.625" & .750" Round Tube Dies Delrin [+$189.95]
.875" Round Tube Dies [+$189.95]
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2.375" Round Tube Dies [+$189.95]
2.50" Round Tube Dies [+$189.95]
.500" & .750" Square Combination Dies [+$189.95]
.500" & .750" Square Combination Dies Delrin [+$189.95]
1.00" Square Dies [+$189.95]
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1.25" Square Dies [+$189.95]
1.25" Square Dies Delrin [+$189.95]
1.50" Square Dies [+$189.95]
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1.75" Square Dies Delrin [+$189.95]
2.00" Square Dies [+$189.95]
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V Groove Square Edge Roller Dies "Diamond Profile" Up To 1.5" Square On Edge. [+$189.95]
V Groove Square Edge Roller Dies "Diamond Profile" Up To 1.5" Square On Edge Delrin [+$189.95]
Edge Roller Die Small "Flat Bar Rolled The Hard Way", Works With Material That Is 1/16", 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" & 1/2" Thick, and up to 2.5" Tall. [+$189.95]
Edge Roller Die Large "Flat Bar Rolled The Hard Way", Works With Material That Is 5/16", 3/8", & 7/16" Thick, and up to 2.5" Tall. [+$189.95]
Flat Plate "Smooth" Dies, Will Roll Flat Material Up To 3.0" Wide [+$189.95]
Flat Plate "Smooth" Dies, Will Roll Flat Material Up To 3.0" Wide Delrin [+$189.95]
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1.00" Round Pipe Dies Delrin [+$189.95]
1.25" Round Pipe Dies [+$189.95]
1.25" Round Pipe Dies Delrin [+$189.95]
1.50" Round Pipe Dies [+$189.95]
1.50" Round Pipe Dies Delrin [+$189.95]
2.00" Round Pipe Dies [+$189.95]
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.375" &.500" EMT Conduit Die .577"/.706" OD. [+$189.95]
.750" EMT Conduit Die .922" OD. [+$189.95]
1.00" EMT Conduit Die 1.16" OD. [+$189.95]
1.00" X 2.00" Rectangular Die Rolling The Hard Way [+$189.95]
1.00" Wide X 3.00" Tall Rectangular Die Rolling The Hard Way [+$189.95]
1.00" Wide X 2.00" Tall Rectangular Die Delrin Rolling The Hard Way [+$189.95]
1.00" Wide X 3.00" Tall Rectangular Die Delrin Rolling The Hard Way [+$189.95]
1.50" Wide X 3.00" Tall Rectangular Die Rolling The Hard Way [+$189.95]
Metric 20MM & 25MM Square Combination Die [+$189.95]
Metric 20MM X 40MM Rectangle [+$189.95]
Metric 30MM Square [+$189.95]
Metric 40MM Square [+$189.95]
Metric 50MM Square [+$189.95]
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Metric 40mm Round Tube Dies [+$189.95]
Metric 50mm Round Tube Dies [+$189.95]
Metric Universal Large Round Tube Dies 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm [+$189.95]
Metric Edge Roller "Flat Bar Rolled The Hard Way" Dies 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm [+$189.95]
Hand Rail Cap Die (King Metal Cap Rail ONLY) [+$209.95]
Hand Rail Cap Die Delrin (King Metal Cap Rail ONLY) [+$209.95]
Hand Rail Cap Die Chromoly (King Metal Cap Rail ONLY) [+$309.95]
Channel Die Set Rolls Up To 2" Wide Material Leg Up Or Leg Down [+$189.95]
Electrical Unistrut & Or Channel Die Set Rolls Up To 2" Wide Material Leg Up Or Leg Down [+$229.95]
SWAG Tubing Roller "HULK"

The HULK is 100% designed, machined, formed, manufactured & assembled in the USA.

We currently offer 80 different sizes of dies in the following configurations round tube, round pipe, square, as well as a full line of unique dies for doing flat bar in edge or square in a diamond profile. In addition we also offer a full line of Delrin dies in round tube, round pipe and square sizes. Delrin dies are well suited for aluminum, copper, brass, and chrome finishes where abrasion or scratches on the material are not acceptable.

We use heat treated chromoly 4340 material for both the two outer non drive roller pins and the center drive axle.The center drive dies are fully keyed to the drive axle which ensures a smooth operation.The HULK is capable of rolling material up to 2” X 2” .1250” wall square material.

As with all tubing rollers there are two issues that always arise, how do you keep your material from twisting and how do you make repeatable parts in the tubing roller? We have addressed the first issue by implementing several key design features and placing special attention to these problem areas.The first is side to side slop in the two outer non drive rollers.The length of the chromoly 4340 axle pins are machined down to +/-.003 thousands and the two adjustable shaft collars help keep the dies perfectly centered between the ¼” thick steel frame rails.

The second is slop in the center drive roller yoke.There are several large radius rollers out in the market that use a cast steel center yoke or a formed piece of steel to hold the center drive roller in place, however neither cast nor formed metal on a press brake are perfectly square and straight. When the center yoke is not straight up and down or square side to side this causes the center drive die to contact the material you are rolling with uneven pressures and inconsistent feed rates thus pulling your material to one side.We have addressed this by bolting together 3 pieces of ¾” thick steel that has been fully machined on all six sides to ensure a perfectly flat and square center yoke that is bolted together with (6) 5/16” counter sunk fasteners.

The 2 ton bottle jack is physically bolted down to the center yoke assembly, this guarantees that the jack is placing even downward pressure and will not slip out of position when not is use.

The third often over looked part of a tubing roller is repeatable rolling. We have addressed this by using the quality brand I Gaging with a digital read out height gauge that measures downward travel.To use, you simply place your material in the roller, then “zero” the height gauge. Roll one piece of material to the desired radius, then record the location of the outer dies as well as the downward travel displayed on the digital read out. From now on as long as you have the same material and the dies in the same position with the same distance measured, you are able to get the same results time and time again.

To ensure a smooth range of motion there are roller bearings installed on both the outer non drive dies as well as the center drive die. The matte finish 3 way adjustable revolving handle can be unbolted and replaced with an electric pipe threader that is sold through Harbor Freight. Their item #62203 is an easy simple add-on that will take the cumbersome and tedious chore of rolling thick walled tubing and turn it into an almost completely hands off operation.

With its textured then black powered coated steel frame, internally threaded aluminum spacers, green powder coated handle and countersunk stainless steel fasteners, this tubing roller is designed to look as well as it performs.The HULK is sold as shown above, with the exception of the sheet metal base structure.It comes completely assembled ready use right out of the box.

The (4) 3/8" bottom mounting hole locations are 29" x 7.625" on center. The total foot print of the base plate is 30" x 8.625".

The machine sells for $899.95. Dies can be purchased using the list above or by themselves HERE. Each die size includes one drive roller and two non drive rollers. You will not need a replacement drive axle since one comes with the tubing roller by default. We have over 1000 die sets on the shelf and 99.9% of the time we have every die size in stock ready to ship out the same day.


Optional Accessories

SWAG Machined Drive Hub For The Electric Pipe Threader

If you're looking to speed up the assembly process and don't want to weld the 1/2" pipe threading die that comes with the Harbor Freight pipe threader kit to the tube roller drive axle, we now sell a fully machined drive hub that will allow you to easily attach the pipe threader to the drive axle. The 1/2" pipe threading die is not sold individually through Harbor Freight so once it is welded in place you are not able to take it off if/when you need to use the tool as it was originally intended for. We also sell the tubing roller drive axle that is machined out of 4130 chromoly steel.

The machined drive hub will need to be tack welded to the drive axle, as set screws and or key ways have a tendency to come loose under the high torque loads and the constant back and forth motion of the pipe threader. This machined hub will fit both the HULK tube roller as well as the Harbor Freight tube roller.


SWAG 3-D Printed Thumb Knob For Bottle Jack


Spare Non-Drive Die Axle Kit
If you're planning on changing dies frequently, having a few Non-Drive Die Axle kits will definitely come in handy. Though the Hulk comes with one set, some people prefer to have a kit for each die set they own. That way, there is no more messing with die centering or re-tightening shaft collar set screws. You can get your dies set perfectly on their axles and then all you have to do to change dies is pull the old ones out and drop the new ones into place. Each kit comes with two non-drive die axles, four bearings, four shaft collars, and all of the appropriate hardware. If you would like to order more than one kit, they are available HERE.

5 Stars
We bought the HULK to fabricate 34' continuous arches for roofing trusses. We turned it upside down and ran 20 feet of 2" .065 and .095 though it. It performs beautifully. Turning it upside down gave us gravity to keep the long arches on a flat plane of bend. In upright long bends, the thin wall tube tended to fall to either side a little and we got a helix. The digital meter for depth of the rollers is critical. Very cool. The machine is well made and precise. The pipe threading adaptor and tool from HF works wonderfully. Troy has been helpful with several phone calls, and we recommend this machine without hesitation. Amazing job on an affordable roller. The dies are perfect and affordable. My only criticism after 500' of bending is that we had to fab a "pointer" for indexing our reverse and forward marks on the tube. Thanks for building such a cool machine Troy.
Reviewed by:  from Covelo. on 4/2/2016
4 Stars
Accuracy & Repeatability for Reasonable Cost
We are a Design & Fabrication firm for the entertainment industry and do a fair amount of work with mild steel tubing (rectangle and square), and sometimes roll sch40 pipe. Until now we've always outsourced any required rolling. A fabricator's two best friends: accuracy & repeatability. Thanks to Swag Off Road we can now roll tube in-house with confidence & precision. Happy dance! Now to build this bad boy a proper mobile base... I have one annoyance and a recommendation which would make this a 5 star review: 1) the annoyance: the use of the updated iGauging EZ-View Dro requires an adapter to interface with the magnetic depth gauge. Unfortunately the 90 degree adapter included with the unit turns the connection such that the depth gauge's slinky cable has to over-extend and thus puts excessive stress on the connection if the EZ-View Dro is mounted in the most ideal location (I don't see a way to upload photos to this review but will later if I can) 2) the recommendation: it would be extremely beneficial if the distances O.C. of the outer drive notches from the center drive were etched into the Hulk frame. This would give the fabricator a handy reference when setting up the machine and calculating deflection for each type of roll. I've simply marked the OCs with a labler but it would be far more sexy if these measurements were etched.
Reviewed by:  from Berthoud, CO. on 8/13/2017
5 Stars
Works Great!!! Be sure to buy the adapter for the pipe threader it's a must
Reviewed by:  from oklahoma. on 3/21/2016
5 Stars
The Hulk Tubing Roller is a monster!
I ordered your Hulk Tubing Roller and am thoroughly impressed. So much so that I'm genuinely excited to be able to do business with you again. Thank you for making high quality products available at affordable prices. I look forward to receiving my press brake! -Damien from DRS Designs
Reviewed by:  from Henderson, NV. on 3/21/2016
5 Stars
Business owner
I used to to roll 2 x 1/2 solid steel flat bar the hard way for some curved hand rails. Used it with the pipe threader as the drive motor and it worked very well considering the material being used. Very pleased!
Reviewed by:  from North Carolina. on 11/15/2021
5 Stars
Small business start up
I bought this to build a custom garden arch for one of my clients and I am very pleased with how easy it is to replicate rolled tube. I have now made 8 of the same arch with only one small hiccup. I couldn't figure out why the square tube would roll to one side and quickly figured out that it matters where you put the weld seam so it was my own error. Thanks swag for an amazing product that has paid for itself a few times over!
Reviewed by:  from Smithfield. on 7/3/2021
5 Stars
Wow!!!! This roller is amazing quality! I was just going to upgrade a harbor freight roller to save some money, but as a machinist I looked at the harbor freight roller and the build quality is mediocre at best. There is so much slop in the sliding mechanism that getting repeatability on your bends would be very difficult without putting a lot of work into tightening up the tolerances. Save yourself a bunch of time and frustration right from the beginning with this roller. It is incredibly built with tight tolerances and beautiful attention to detail all the way around! These guys obviously care about their products and quality and I can assure you I will be doing more business with this company!
Reviewed by:  from Tucson. on 3/20/2021
5 Stars
Shop owner
Troy, As you are aware, the "Hulk" is great. The quality and workmanship is top notch. Had to think hard to find helpful criticism or suggestions. The return springs seem to be a little weak. Will not pull the jack up. Even lubed where it slides. This is how hard I looked for a negative!!
Reviewed by:  from Oak Grove. on 12/14/2020

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