SWAG 3-D Printed Thumb Knob For (Flared) or (Cast Cross Pin) Bottle Jack's

SWAG 3-D Printed Thumb Knob For (Flared) or (Cast Cross Pin) Bottle Jack's

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3-D Printed Thumb Knob For Bottle Jacks With A "Flared" or "Cast Cross Pin" Open/Close Valve

We save you the hassle of using the 18" long handle to open and close the pressure release valve on many of your bottle jacks or long rams. This 3-D printed knob is designed for the flared or "smashed" pressure release valves as well as the "cast cross pin" release valves that are found on many newer bottle jacks. These alternative styles of release valves are less expensive to manufacture than the machined round valve with the pressed in roll pin.

The flared end or cast cross pins on these bottle jacks vary significantly from part to part, hence a machined knob does not make a good candidate as it will not conform to the different profiles on the bottle jacks.

To install the 3-D printed knob, you simply press the knob over the release valve and tap it down into position with a rubber mallet....that's it.

*NOTE* : If your bottle jack has a round stud with a cross pin, you will need our machined thumb knob which can be found HERE.

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